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Suginoko Preschool was established in August 1997 in Bellevue, Washington to teach the Japanese language and culture to children from 2-1/2 to 5 years of age. We offer a variety of curriculums consisting of music, arts & crafts, math, science, games, dance & stories, plus events based on Japanese and American holidays and festivals.

At Suginoko Preschool, programs are carefully prepared and given to each child based on the child's age and maturity. A small student-to-teacher ratio insures that every child gets plenty of attention. Teachers are able to respond to individual learning styles and work one-on-one as needed. In this way, we hope the children become enthusiastic about their learning experiences at school and talk about them with their parents each day.


Children develop their interests by exploring their world.  Suginoko Preschool offers an environment where children can learn from age- and developmentally-appropriate materials and activities. And where each child can work at his/her own level.

At Suginoko Preschool, children are encouraged and helped to:
1. Discover pleasure from new and challenging experiences,
2. Become aware of themselves as unique individuals with special qualities and abilities,
3. Grow in self-confidence,
4. Be caring and respectful, nurturing self-esteem in others as well as in themselves, and
5. Be sociable and cooperative.

At Suginoko Preschool, instruction takes place in Japanese. In our Japanese language environment, we hope children find lasting pleasure and satisfaction from speaking and hearing, reading and writing, the Japanese language.

Hours of Operation & Tuition

Registration Fee: $100
Two classes/week: (Tue. Thu.) $300/mo
Three classes/week: (Mon. Wed. Fri.) $390/mo
Five classes/week: $550/mo

A.M. class: 8:50-11:50
P.M. class: 12:50-3:50
Extended care: 11:50 - 12:50 $10/hour, 15:50 – 16:20 $6/session

If two or more children from the same family attend together, a 20% discount is offered on the registration fee and tuition for the youngest child.


85 Students (September 2017)


2 1/2 to 3 year old class
3 to 4 year old class
4 to 5 year old class


If you have any questions about applying to Suginoko Preschool, please contact us at 425-401-8839.


2017-2018 Registration Form (PDF)


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